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The springtime is not only a great time for cleaning the wardrobe or garden but also cleaning our body. In order to successfully achieve your goals and continue your life, try to have an efficient body and mind. Success depends on our daily habits, so it's worth making some changes. Old habits don't open new doors. Good physical and mental health is the key to success.
We invite you to a series of meetings with health experts as part of the "FIS Poland. Mind and body ”. Follow us on the mind and body health path.

We invite you to a series of meetings with experts as part of the FIS Poland Mind and Body programme.
Follow with FIS Poland our path of Mind and Body health.

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Calendar of the webinars

March & April

Supplementation - how to do it right? PL

Siedzący tryb życia
  • Date: 18/03
  • Time: 3:00 PM
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Presenter: Dietitian Anna Kowalczyk-Soszyńska

Poles are at the forefront of European dietary supplement consumption. The demand for them is growing all the time. However we need to remember that rational supplementation requires knowledge. What vitamins are necessary? What should be combined and what should be avoided? Are there better ways than taking pills?

  • Supplementation - a hit or a miss?
  • Superfoods - Polish vs. exotic
  • Must have for a proper supplementation
  • What should we pay attention to composition?
  • Supplements tailored to the needs
  • Vitamins - where to look for them?
  • Prebiotics and probiotics
  • Loss of supplements - it does not pay off
  • Don't mix them together!

Self-Massage For Headache Relief

Siedzący tryb życia
  • Date: 25/03
  • Time: 2:30 PM
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Presenter: Dietitian Anna Kowalczyk-Soszyńska

Tension headaches, neck pain, grinding of teeth (bruxism) occurring mainly at night, are common problems of people struggling with stress. A pill is not always able to help. So how to quickly and effectively get rid of these ailments? Facial self-massage is the natural and best solution. Learn the secret points of your face and see how you can get rid of the pain yourself.

  • Headaches - theory
  • Why is massage so effective for headaches?
  • How to prepare for a self-massage?
  • Effective techniques: massage of temporal muscles, deep massaging of masseter, circular movements on masseter, relaxation of head tendon
  • Proper self-massage - practical tips from the expert

Self-Care - Body & Mind Regeneration

Siedzący tryb życia
  • Date: 1/04
  • Time: 1:00 PM
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Presenter: Physiotherapist Kinga Sobiecka

The human body needs regeneration, so it is worth taking care of your body and mind. It is good not only to develop, but also to slow down from time to time and only do what is pleasant and relaxing. How to keep well-being, have a head full of ideas and energy to cope with everyday challenges at work?

  • What makes us efficient and full of energy and what not?
  • How do you exercise to improve your well-being?
  • What does relaxation have to do with concentration and how to improve the work of your nervous system?
  • Tips for improving concentration in a Home Office setting
  • Simple health exercises to do in the office
  • A way to relax if you have 5, 15 or 30 minutes

Why is it worth taking part in the webinar?

It's always a good time to embark on your health path and make a difference in your life! The end of winter is a special time because then we come to life and we are open to the new. The webinars we have prepared for you will be an inspiration to work on healthy habits. The knowledge we want to pass on to you will stay with you for longer.

  • Meetings with experts are held online on the ClickMeeting platform
  • You do not need to turn off the camera and microphone (you can only hear and see the presenter)
  • You will have a chat at your disposal where you can ask questions
  • The recording will be available to you for a week on the ClickMeeting platform and until the end of this month here on the website
  • After the training, we will send you additional materials, they will also be available on this website

Webianars will be presented by:

Kinga Sobiecka

Physiotherapist, trainer, masseuse. Her passion is dance and the expression of movement in an artistic setting, as well as anatomy and biomechanics. He works with the following methods: PIR (post-isometric relaxation), Active flexibility (meningeal holding), increasing the range of conduction movements, Neuromobilization (improvement of growth mobility).

Anna Kowalczyk-Soszyńska

A graduate of MA studies in the field of dietetics at the Medical University of Warsaw and post-graduate studies in the field of psychodietetics at the University of Social Sciences in Lublin. She gained experience working with patients in departments of health care facilities. She publishes articles, writes the blog and is the author of the books: "Kaszoterapia" and "S.O.S.for the thyroid gland. Diet in Hashimoto".

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