Wellbeing Day

20th of June 2022

The well-being of each of us - good health and well-being, is the basis of a successful life. A fit and well-rested body and well-cared for mental health support our daily activities. Health Days is a project that aims to improve almost every sphere of our life, thanks to meetings and workshops with a dietitian, physiotherapist and trainer. To start your adventure with a healthy lifestyle, it is worth visiting our relaxation zone, taking part in training sessions and individual consultations. Health is the highest value that we can take care of together during the Health Days!

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11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Individual consultation with a dietitian

Duration: 15 min per person

Location: Mom's Room

During individual consultations, you will not only receive answers to your questions, but also perform a body composition analysis. The analysis determines: what is the appropriate body weight, what is the energy requirement, is the body properly hydrated and what the percentage of fat and muscle tissue looks like.

contraindications for the examination:

- pregnancy
- epilepsy
- pacemaker

11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Individual consultations with a physiotherapist

Duration: 20 min per person

Location: Open Lounge 004

Most of us experience back pain. They can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, incorrect posture while working, incorrect lifting or carrying items, and even an inappropriate way of walking. How to prevent back problems, combat existing ailments and strengthen the back muscles?

During individual consultations in the physio zone, you will learn how to work with your ailments and what "equipment" you should have at home.

11:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Office massage - relax for your back

Duration: 20 min per person

Location: Huddle Room 107-110

It is performed on a comfortable, ergonomic chair, without the need to take off your clothes and without the use of olives (you do not need to change your outfit!). It is performed by certified masseurs - physiotherapists, using a specially developed, very effective technique. The focus is on the muscles of the back, neck, head, arms and hands.

  • Relaxes stiff muscles and joints
  • Relieves tension and contributes to increased energy and motivation
  • Improves blood circulation and oxygenates the tissues
  • Reduces and eliminates headaches

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Artisana - a moment of focus is a moment of relaxation

Duration: 90 min

Location: Wilda & Jeżyce

Intuitive painting is a creative meditation developing creativity, mindfulness and intuition. In the workshop, we paint for ourselves, without comparing, focusing on the process and the feelings coming from within. The freedom of form, structure and color brings with it the power of transformation, opens up new people and stimulates action.

“As I paint a picture, this is how I can paint my life. Both in the painting and in life, I decide how much light, color and space will be there. "

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

How to start your healthy lifestyle adventure?

Duration: 90 min

Location: ONLINE

How to start a healthy life? How to achieve your dream figure? What can you do to stay motivated to make permanent changes in your life? A balanced diet, regular physical activity and regeneration of the body are the key to success!

  • Small steps, big changes - goal setting
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Healthy lifestyle - diet alone is not enough - move to health!
  • Rest and regeneration

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Healthy Spine

Duration: 60 min

Location: Wilda & Jeżyce

Most of us suffer from back pain. They may be caused by sedentary lifestyle, incorrect posture at work, improper lifting or carrying objects, or even improper walking. How to prevent back problems, how to treat existing ailments, and how to strengthen back muscles?

The physiotherapist will address the following issues:

  • The negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle
  • Types of back pain
  • Back pain causes

11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Virtual Reality


Duration: 15 min

Location: Open Lounge 063

Immerse yourself in the virtual world of meditation and relaxation, indulge in a pleasant massage experience. The combination of relaxing VR applications with a professional massage chair will soothe your mind and body.


Duration: 15 min

Location: Open Lounge 063

Can you burn some calories while having fun? Reach for a dose of endorphins and perform pleasant exercises.


Duration: 15 min

Location: Open Lounge 063

Get away from the gray reality and move to a selected virtual world. Here everyone will find something for themselves, we also invite you with an accompanying person to the multiplayer!


Duration: 10 min

Location: Room Ogrody 061

Discover an exciting form of exercise. Check your coordination, concentration and reflexes by training the muscles of the entire figure!

Webinars and consultaions counducted by:

Kinga Sobiecka

Physiotherapist, trainer, masseuse. Her passion is dance and expression of movement in an artistic setting, as well as anatomy and biomechanics. He works with the following methods: PIR (post-isometric muscle relaxation), Active Flexibility (building muscle strength allowing to increase the range of joint mobility), Neuromobilization (improving the mobility of nervous tissue).

Dominika Fajdek

A graduate of dietetics at the Medical University of Warsaw. She gained professional experience in many public and private institutions. In addition to his clinical work, for years he has been conducting workshops and lectures on medical and nutritional topics for children, adolescents and adults, including corporate employees. Since 2015, he has been a member of the International NGO CISV Poland, Warsaw Branch, where he works with young people, based on the "learning by doing" method of learning.

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